Training starts on November 11th!

Beitar Jerusalem soccer academy in Miami

First academy in the USA to respect Shabbat

About the academy

Beitar Jerusalem is partnering with Sholem Corazon Valiente to create the first soccer academy in the United States that will respect Shabbat

Ages: 4-12 years old
Training: Mondays and Wednesday- 4:20 to 5:30pm
Field: SDG Soccer Complex
Address: 16601 NE 15th Ave, North Miami Beach, FL 33162

Scholarships available to everyone
Academy will start November 9th

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Our Coach

Steven Cohen

Former professional soccer player with 10 years of playing time in Spain, France and Israel

Our Values

Sholem Benchimol Z'L represented many values on and off the field. We are keeping his legacy alive by combining his values and passion of Judaism and soccer

  • Pride

  • Confidence

  • Companionship

  • Resilience

About us

Daniel Benchimol

Sports media-tech executive with extensive experience in marketing and business development in technology startups, streaming, media and sports

Menajem Benchimol

CEO of and avid supporter for establishing better opportunities for Latin and Jewish entrepreneurs worldwide

Sholem Benchimol Z'L

Aspiring soccer player and inspiration for starting the Beitar Jerusalem soccer academy in Miami

Ivo Facianof

Seasoned entrepreneur and strategic investor. He is the founder of Velis, a leader worldwide online marketing company

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Will games be played on Shabbat & Jewish holidays?


Will there be training on Shabbat & Jewish holidays?


Where will training take place?

Field: SDG Soccer Complex
Address: 16601 NE 15th Ave, North Miami Beach, FL 33162

Why Beitar Jerusalem?

Beitar Jerusalem is the only professional soccer club in the world that doesn't train or play their league games on Shabbat and Jewish Holidays. Young players deserve the opportunity to join a soccer academy that respects their traditions and be able to develop their soccer skills.

What is Sholem Corazon Valiente?

Non-profit organization that was started in memory of Sholem Benchimol Z'L. A promising 17 year old soccer player who aspired to play professional soccer while keeping his Jewish traditions.

What ages will you accept?

4-12 years old.

When will the academy start?

November 11th.

What are the times of training?

Mondays and Wednesday from 4:20 to 5:30pm

Who is going to be the coach?

Steven Cohen will be the coach. He brings 10 years of experience playing professional soccer in the First divisions of Spain, France, and Israel.

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Become a founding member

Parents, friends, kids, fans, or anyone that wants to support and be part of the academy is welcome to become a member of the team.

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Become a founding member

Beitar official jersey

Book: In the soccer field with a kippah

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Everything in Gold plan

+ Beitar scarf

+ #Shol3m Kippah

+ Corazon Valiente Facemask

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$1,000 PER YEAR

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+ Beitar shirt

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**All contributions will go towards scholarships for the kids

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